Small Database Utility
Small Database Utility - a small database

The Small Database Utility is a small fully configurable database making it easy to maintain information about your friends and relatives.

The database file can be uploaded to and retreived from a webserver making it accessible to users anywhere.

The program is only available in a UK (English) version.

  • Latest revision: 24. October, 2013
  • Current version: 8.9.094
  • Help: Instructions and Screenshots included in the  program.
  • Send bug reports to: S.W. Rasmussen
  • Slideshow: Screenshots with legends (English)

Setup file: sdu_uk.msi version 8.9.94 (11.85 Mb)
Executable: sdu_uk.exe version 8.9.094 (532.48 Kb)
Description: Short introduction in Danish

revised: 17. January 2016 09:38:23 - contact: S.W. Rasmussen