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Worked for about 15 years with Preben Bach Holm unravelling the ultra structural mysteries of meiosis in a number of organisms from fungi to man. Developed advanced methods for serial section and 3D reconstruction analyses of the behaviour of homologous chromosomes during the entire meiotic division. Headed one of the most successful groups in this field and gave a large number of lectures at international congresses and meetings around the world. Stayed for two months at the National Academy of Science in Moscow.

For more than ten years, I have been heading the sequencing laboratory at the Carlsberg Research Center. During this period we have participated in the European Yeast sequencing network as one of the ten most efficient participants in the network, leading to completion of the full nucleotide sequence of the yeast genome in 1996.

Subsequently, we initiated a combined expressed sequence tag (EST) and serial analysis of gene expression (SAGE) analysis of gene expression during the infection process of the pathogenic fungus, Blumeria graminis, a serious pathogen in barley. During this work, the manual handling and analysis of the large amounts of nucleotide sequences rapidly exceeded the capacity of the group.

As a consequence, a series of software routines were developed to automate data handling and analysis and to improve data accessibility for the members of the research team. The routines were merged into the comprehensive sequence analysis package, dnatools, in 2002 continued as Seqtools. This software package is used by research groups all over the world for handling, data retrieval and automated sequence analysis, including database searching via client/server connection to National Center for Biotechnological Information, NCBI.

A list of functions included in the package can be found under the "manual" index item on the seqtools homepage, at

In 2002 - 2004 software routines were added to seqtools for design of microarray expression analyses of putative candidates for drug development in the Danish medical company, H. Lundbeck A/S. The program is still (2017) available for downloading and is to some extent also maintained.

Since 2004 without formal employment, but engaged in various activities related to building a local  network with the aim of creating a job opening in the Lolland-Falster region of Denmark. As part of this work created a web portal, Lolland-Falster Links, including the vast majority of websites describing the region. Founded the graphical company SH-Grafik, Developed several software solutions to support these activities.

Active in public debate regarding government activities to reduce unemployment in Denmark. Wrote the computer program Checkjobnet (visitors at website as of today: 111.474) to demonstrate the inadequate measures taken by the administration. The Checkjobnet played a major rôle in the subsequent change in handling of unemployed in Denmark. In 2009 the minister of employment was relieved from his duties at the ministry.

In recent years I have - among other things - been self employed as a woodturner producing quite nice wooden bowls from the trees growing around our house in Krattet, Lolland. Recently this have become my major interest and - as I have become a bit more competent as a wood turner - has resulted in a more professional approach to the task.

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